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We are re-launching and renaming the AppFusions Blog to reflect its expanded focus, Connecting the Enterprise.

This blog will bridge concepts and technologies in both business process areas and agile engineering worlds, which we feel are inextricable. Today in business, software is a part of everything – and you can no longer separate business processes without talking about software, technologies, or engineering.

The blog will discuss Enterprise 2.0 (also called Social Business) integration use cases and the endpoint systems and platforms for which they connect. We are excited about the opportunities that come from connecting enterprise applications (see – The Business Value of Application Connectors).

A significant foundation for the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 is found through establishing connectivity between the rising number of new tools and the established ones. This needs to be done in a flexible and dynamic manner as there is not a single perfect answer for what is the best Enterprise 2.0 system collection.

There are only similarities in topologies of systems, with common needs by all corporations. Keeping a flexible modular IT infrastructure and system architecture is the key to being nimble. Supporting this goal is our aim and AppFusions’ mission:

We will build ready-to-deploy, reasonably priced connectors to solve the most common Enterprise system-to-system data and process integration problems.

Companies must work smarter inside and outside of their organization. From customer input to product management to engineering development to release planning – none of these processes are immune to another. They are all dependent processes, yet they are also all independent too.

Social Business is a runaway train, and we believe that with Social Business comes Social Engineering.
The world is changing fast, with no slow down in sight. Having optimized processes with efficient system to system integrations are more critical than ever.

One objective of the blog is to promote conversations about the value of making application integrations, as well as uncovering new use cases.

Another is to introduce our latest AppFusions moves, as well as offer commentary on the market and relevant events.

While we offer our own AppFusions view and news, this blog is open to the broader discussion of all aspects of application connections and how they can change an organization. We want to hear from you and welcome your comments, stories, and questions.

We encourage you to browse our categories and not just look at our latest content. The categories contain the archives of our past posts. Many of these posts remain useful as we will discuss issues and not simply provide current news. Also use our search field. Often good blog content gets buried as it moves off the front page.

Again, if you like what you find here, please join the conversation through our comment fields.


The AppFusions team!

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