Webinar – Translating your Documentation into 100+ Languages, Inside Atlassian Confluence

UPDATE – Featuring Voice of the Customer: CA Technologies. A project with 100s of documents in Confluence wiki, translated into 11 languages (i.e., English, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese)! 😎

Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian ConfluenceUsing Atlassian Confluence to serve up your Product Documentation is one of the wisest strategic moves a CEO, CTO, or Information Developer can make. There are countless advantages: collaborative info development environment, flexible SEO-friendly platform, shared access tools, and now – over 100+ languages to be able to translate to and from.

Please join us for a live demo on Tues, Jan 07, 2014 at 11 am EST, to see Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian Confluence in action.

Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian Confluence is a joint development and solution by Lingotek – leaders in translation content technologies, and AppFusions – a top-tier Atlassian expert team with over 40 mixed platform integrations to their credit.

Larry Furr, Lingotek’s VP of Product Management, and Ellen Feaheny, Appfusions’ CEO, will show you how to translate your Atlassian Confluence product documentation into multiple languages, all from Atlassian Confluence. No content exporting, importing and translation vendor management – everything is created, translated and published in one place: Atlassian Confluence.

Bring us your hardest Atlassian Confluence and Translation services challenges or questions. We’re ready for them!

Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian Confluence

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