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How to disable the Popular tab on the dashboard page in Atlassian Confluence

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The Popular tab on the dashboard of Atlassian Confluence displays:

  • Pages, blog posts and comments that people have recently liked.
  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently commented on, and threaded comments that people have recently replied to.
  • Pages and blog posts that have recently been created.

A fresh installation will display a helpful “Welcome, looks like you’re new here” section – as shown below.

Some companies do not want this functionality and want to know how it can be turned off.

It’s very easy to remove this functionality, as it is based on an add-on module that can simply be disabled.

Here’s how:

  • Browse to Confluence Admin | Atlassian Marketplace | Manage Add-ons
  • Filter for “dash” in “System” add-ons
  • Expand the Dashboard Macros add-on
  • Expand the 14 of 14 modules enabled link
  • Disable the Popular Tab (popular-tab) module

Having stepped through this process, the Popular tab will no longer be displayed. Simple.


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