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Any Organization, Any Industry – The Vegas Casino Story

Every industry has it’s own unique issues within their collaboration story. And the story doesn’t end when your organization buys an enterprise collaboration platform like IBM Connections.

Why? Because, no doubt, you use many tools in your work day to organize and share data, keep track of clients and leads, manage issues or a git repository, etc. Think about it – all these tools to get things done and collaborate with data, processes, and people in your organization, and all of it in different systems that don’t talk with each other. Collaboration? Hmm – more like two steps forward, one step backward given all those silo’d systems!

Maybe you have a fragmented email culture as well – which creates churn, politics, and other linear work models and inefficiencies. Perhaps all your silo’d tools prevent cross-enterprise engagement and lead to miscommunications and confusions?

IBM Connections “Integrated” by AppFusions – a platform to bring all your systems together in unlimited contextual communities – is the solution to your problems.  It’s time to stop wasting time, bouncing all over the place! It’s time to work smarter and faster, drive attention to key content in context, and reduce data and process duplication efforts. It’s time to streamline your workflow. Finally, a collaboration solution that “just works” – 24/7 for you.

In the spirit of this month’s IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas (see you there!), let’s think about IBM Connections “Integrated” – in a real-life scenario … Meet Vincent, a Las Vegas native.

Photo: www.westgatedestinations.com
Photo: www.westgatedestinations.com

Hello, I am Vincent.

I run a large Vegas casino hotel with high rotating traffic, which results in a very high volume of documentation – from employee data to guest information to incident reporting to housekeeping management records… yeah, it’s A LOT.

For years, given the diversity of our workforce, data was tracked via our central Facilities office that doubled as HR. They use a number of systems to get their job done. Over time, however, Facilities began to balk at the enormous amount of documentation, the many incident and record tracking systems, and the different levels of expertise required for HR.

HR was spun-out as a separate department, but we decided to move all our data records into Dropbox, categorized by different types. We also deployed JIRA ServiceDesk for incident tracking, and records associated with incidents were attached to the logged incidents. This helped a great deal, but still, it’s a never ending chase.

The HR spin-out was a good thing, but it brought to light other issues, of lacking real-time community communications, relationship development, and ongoing collaboration. While the data tracking and records issues were solved partly, we ended up with more systems and no central place for the many types of communities the casino needed (internally and externally)…

Enter IBM Connections integrated with Dropbox and JIRA ServiceDesk. We are thrilled with the new system since now everyone is looking at other ways to improve our work processes via integrations into the IBM Connections system. The good thing is everyone is aligned, in one home – the silo’d system is gone.  

The journey is just beginning – we hope to also build communities within Connections for our external customers that are regulars. By connecting with those customers closer, we can grow our relationships and they will come back more often. We are also excited about the IBM Connections integration with Salesforce – it’s about time we had access to our CRM within our HR and Account Management communities!

Thanks for reading! Vincent’s Vegas casino story is one of hundreds … unsure how your industry or organization would benefit from IBM Connections “Integrated?” Contact us at info@appfusions.com, and we’ll help you connect the dots!

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The AppFusions team

Post by Rosalie Plofchan, Marketing Manager of AppFusions

Box Provides Comprehensive Collaboration and Extensive Application Integration to Enhance its Content Management Offering

Box provides secure online content management and has been getting a lot of press recently. I covered Box a few years ago (see Box.net Updates Interface and Becomes More Social) but much has happen since then, so it was great to speak with Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager at Box to get an update.

Jeremy’s role involves planning for new developer tools and API methods. He also works on partner integrations and helps to support customers on internal integration projects.

Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager at Box.com

I first asked Jeremy for his perspective on the market excitement that Box has generated. He said that Box offers a good solution to a lot of customers. It makes it easy to move content to the cloud in a secure manner and provides a means for collaboration around this content.  Box has developed a good system for customer feedback to continue to update the product.

In addition, their CEO, Aaron Levie, has gained a reputation as a great industry spokesperson who brings a lot of fun to his communication; so his presence has enhanced their press coverage. On Twitter, Aaron describes himself as the Lead Magician (and CEO). A sampling of his tweets confirms the fun factor.

We next dove a bit more into the Box offering.

Box in the Cloud files

Box was started in 2005 as a file storage system but has grown well beyond that initial capability.  There is an intuitive interface that allows you to send links to stored content in a secure manner. Box also provides collaboration capabilities around stored content. For example, a team can have their own folder and provide comments on content, assign tasks, and most recently, provide feedback through a new “like” function. Box is also integrated into numerous mobile apps, desktop apps and web services.

I asked Jeremy to expand on their integration strategy.

He said that Box wants to be accessible anywhere a user needs them so integration is an important component of the company’s strategy. He sees three types of integrations.
  • First there are partners with their own platforms, where Box has built and continues to maintain the integrations. Those integrations are under a continuous cycle of review and iteration.
  • Second, Box provides support for an external developer community working with the Box API for a wide range of integrations.
  • And finally, there are Enterprise customers who have their own integration needs using Box services.
Box in JIRA – link, preview, edit your Box documents, all from JIRA

AppFusions worked with Box to develop packaged integrations with Atlassian Confluence and JIRA. For the Confluence integration, users can access, preview, embed, edit, upload, and monitor Box activity – all from Confluence (video | listing). The JIRA integration allows for JIRA issues to be linked to Box files directly, as well as previewed, edited, or downloaded, while never leaving JIRA (video | listing).

The integrations are available via Box Apps, and Atlassian Marketplace. AppFusions will also be releasing their Box integrations with Atlassian OnDemand, expected later this calendar year.

Jeremy said he was impressed with both the technical competence and depth of AppFusions’ integrations. He also spoke of the also good attention to the user experience, creating UIs that make sense for the business users.

Box’s success is another validation of the mass migration to the cloud. If you can provide a secure application, business relevant features, and extensive integration capabilities, CIOs and other enterprise leaders will overcome their concerns and make the move to the cloud for its nimble and cost-effective qualities.