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Badgeville for Jive Offers Gamification Layer

I have covered both Badgeville (see Badgeville Offers Cloud- based Gamification Platform and Expertise) and Jive (see Jive’s Platform Enables Comprehensive Enterprise Integration ).  I was pleased to see that Badgeville is now within Jive and recently spoke with Chris Lynch of Badgeville to get an update.

Chris noted that Jive provides a very comprehensive toolset for people to connect and share relevant knowledge across internal and external communities. However, adoption continues to be an issue. Gartner said nearly 72% of people who use these toolsets never actually login to engage with them. Badgeville has now integrated with Jive to increase  engagement inside Jive Spaces through gamification.

Badgeville allows companies to reinforce desired user behaviors across their websites, enterprise apps or any digital touchpoint. Through different engagement mechanics, they reward and encourage the appropriate use of tools, including collaboration suites such as Jive.

Badgeville provides rewards that offer value to users such as recognition for tasks, or achievements tied to expertise. For example, participants can gain rewards for such behaviors as starting a discussion, replying to a discussion, asking a question, answering a question, creating a document, editing a document, and sharing a status update. An achievement page is shown below.

You can also set up a mission. This is a collection of achievements such as those mentioned above. These missions can reinforce a desired set of behaviors and offer additional rewards to participants. A sample mission screen is shown below.

EMC is one firm that has used Badgeville with Jive to increase engagement. EMC set up several missions based on expertise to locate important sources of expertise within the firm. One mission included both internal behaviors and external ones such as registering at the EMC booth at their annual conference.  The EMC effort led to a number of documented improvements such as the following:

  • 20% increase in files downloaded
  • 25% Increase in User activity & engagement
  • 40% increase in videos watched

In this day of the social enterprise, improved adoption and engagement are critical for success. With gamification, companies have raised user engagement by 21% across the board. Now companies using Jive can easily implement gamification across their platform to improve adoption/engagement, become a more collaborative workforce and build a knowledge store based on user participation.

The integration works like this. Badgeville provides a plug-in to the Jive suite that is specifically designed for Jive. It inserts Badegeville code into key elements of Jive. This allows Jive Pages to connect with Badgeville’ Behavior Engine. Jive administrators use the Behavior Engine to enable companies to setup custom gamification programs to meet their unique objectives. Jive administrators can then build and inject Badgeville rewards within Jive Pages. HTML 5 widgets serve as the main vehicle for this integration. Here is a contextual leader board.

I like this move. Application integration is a core necessity for the connected enterprise to meet its objectives. The Badgeville Jive integration is a nice example of two complimentary applications working together to meet company goals. In this case, increased adoption and value.