Twelve Helpful Atlassian Stash git Resources

This is another in our discussion on DVCS and git (see our git category in the right column for more). We will continue a Wednesday post on aspects of git and git resources into May.

We see DVCS and git as a major transformation in how software is created. Atlassian’s Stash provides behind the firewall git management. As fast as git is, Stash’s easy UI enables development to be even faster! Following are some useful resources on Atlassian’s Stash.

Atlassian Stash Blog – Blog posts on all things to do with Stash

Atlassian Stash Screenshots – Includes a feature tour and brief video (1:00)

Atlassian Stash Documentation – Includes getting started, administering, and extending Stash.

Atlassian Stash FAQ – Includes repositories, integration, licensing, and other topics.

Atlassian Stash Powers Enterprise Application Developers with DVCS git – Blog post interview with Atlassian’s Jens Schumacher.

Atlassian Stash Overview – Teaser Video (0:58)

Getting Started with Atlassian Stash – Video (2:35)

Installing Atlassian Stash – Video (1:55)

Create a Project in Stash – Video (1:19)

Search git Files from Atlassian Stash – Video (1:05)

Interactive Image Diff feature from Atlassian Stash – Video (0:29)

Push Code in Stash to git – Video (2:10)

If you have any questions on DVCS and how best to work with git and Stash contact us at:

 At AppFusions,  we have also developed a Source Code Importer for Stash, Atlassian’s git offering. This importer significantly decreases the challenge of migrating SVN to git for use with Stash and is currently available from AppFusions.

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