Ten Helpful DVCS Resources

This is another in our discussion on DVCS and git (see our git category in the right column for more). We see DVCS and git as a major transformation in how software is created. In this post, I want to provide a listing of resources on DVCS. I will list each with a brief description and a link. I hope this is helpful.

Introduction to Distributed Version Control – Simplified illustrated guide that explains the differences, deltas, and benefits between CVS and DVCS. Includes a section providing key concepts in 5 minutes, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of DVCS and links to further resources. By BetterExplained.com.

A Visual Guide to Version Control – General primer on version control. By BetterExplained.com

Centralized vs. Decentralized Version Control: 2010 vs 2012 – A must read blog post and with an excellent review providing statistics on “the great git migration” in process, in the world of development. By Redmonk.

Getting Started with DVCS – DVCS overview guide. By Atlassian

What is Version Control: Centralized vs. DVCS – Blog post on version control with a comparison of centralized vs decentralized version control. By Atlassian

What is Version Control: Diffs and Patches – Blog post that reviews of differences and patches. By Atlassian

Atlassian Ships Major Updates to Distributed Version Control Products, Readies Enterprise for Massive Git Adoption – Press Release by Atlassian about DVCS, Git, Mercurial, BitBucket, SourceTree, and Stash. “Readies Enterprise for Massive Git Adoption…”

git in to Enterprise DVCS – Video (8:49) by Steve Streeting, founder of SourceTree, Atlassian’s free git (and Mercurial) client for Mac describes the advantages of DVCS (vs CVS).

Zero to Hero: Getting started with DVCS – Atlassian Summit 2011 – Video (9.09) discussion on SVN shortcomings, and advantages and ease of a DVCS system/model in code development – be it DVCS hosted (i.e., BitBucket) or Enterprise DVCS on-premise (i.e., Stash).

CVCS vs DVCS and the Pros and Cons of DVCS git – Our post on this blog that covers the basic differences between traditional version control (CVCS) and the newer distributed version control (DVCS) and then discusses the pros and cons of DVCS.

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