Twenty Helpful git Resources

This is another in our discussion on DVCS and git (see our git category in the right column for more). We see DVCS and git as a major transformation in how software is created. The first two posts on this topic covered Git Gains Again with Git Related Jobs on the Rise and DVCS git is trending fast in software development futures. In this post I will be more specific and provide a listing of resources on git, the free and open source tool that is the main means to make DVCS happen. In our next git related post, we will cover CVCS vs DVCS and the Pros and Cons of  DVCS git. It will appear next Wednesday and we will continue a Wednesday post on aspects of git and git resources into May.

Official git organization Website – Founding organization of git. It provides advantages of git, documentation, downloads, and includes a community to get involved with git issues.

Wikipedia on git – Opening with, “In software development, Git (/ɡɪt/) is a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis on speed,” there is an extensive write up here.

Why git is better than X – Great summary of pros of git, by Scott Chacon of gitHub.

Aha! moments when learning git – Useful insights on why git is great! By

How I learned to stop worrying and love git – Blog post with excellent insights and entertaining too, by Zeh Fernando.

Why I’m starting to like git. – Blog post by yet another evolved convert, to git. By @chinpen, the author compares his journey to git with Clearcase.

Why git – Blog post by

Why git – Blog post by Takis Dilsen-Stokkem

Git basics – Part of a series of git tutorials created by Atlassian

Git Workflows – A set of git resources created by Atlassian

Moving Confluence Source from SVN to git – Case study blog post about Atlassian’s experience of moving to git.

Confluence, git, rename, merge oh my… – Extended post migration blog post with tips about Atlassian’s experience of moving to git.

Why git vs. Mercurial – Good comparison blog post by Charles O’Farrell of Atlassian.

How to think like git – Useful git reference site. By

Awesome git cheatsheet – As advertised, a printable awesome git cheatsheet.

Pass-around git cheatsheet for your team – Another resource for your team to shorten the learning curve!

Interactive online git cheatsheet – Here is an online interactive git command cheatsheet to help you learn git fast!

git cheatsheet collection – A collection of git cheatsheets from around the web.

Stack overflow discussion – Very active forum discussion providing much opinion on all angles of git and other source code management tools.

Books on git, at Amazon – Collection of books on Amazon, about git.

If you have any questions on DVCS and how best to work with git and Stash contact us at: At AppFusions we have also developed a Source Code Importer for Stash, Atlassian’s git offering. This importer significantly decreases the challenge of migrating SVN to git for use with Stash and is currently available at the Atlassian Marketplace.  Of course you can also always contact AppFusions direct if you ever have any questions on anything Atlassian – email us at anytime!

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