Contegix Provides Total Cloud Care with Direct Managed Hosting

Contegix provides a variety of cloud hosting options through an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering coupled with managed services. These include:

I recently spoke with Matthew Porter, their CEO. He said that, simply put, they lift the burden of technology off their customers so their customers can focus on what they do well and do what makes them unique.

Matthew Porter, CEO, Contegix

As we talked, I learned that one of the things that makes Contegix unique is the culture of customer service they have developed throughout the company. As Matthew rightly tells his employees, this is so critical because

…they are taking care of the livelihoods of their customers. They are trusted with managing the essential data that makes their customers succeed, so they need to treat both their customers’ data and concerns with the utmost respect.

Their premium offering is direct managed hosting. With this service, Contegix takes care of everything for you. Customers receive the highest level of compliance, security and completely dedicated hardware.

From set-up and installation to management and monitoring, they can remain focused on their business while Contegix handles 100% of their technology. Their engineers install and manage a customer’s complete hosting and application infrastructure and are available to assist on a 24/7 basis. In addition, by monitoring usage patterns and benchmarking performance, Contegix can identify and fix problems before they impact a customer’s services.

Contegix data centers are powered by premium hardware, personalized for each customer that they manage. The data centers feature full redundancy for all critical systems; from servers and switches to SANs.  Replacement equipment is available, immediately, at all times

They host and manage multiple types of applications, including Atlassian, Zimbra, Subversion and many others. They also support home-grown apps, including complex multi-tiered applications. There are also many options for self-management where Contegix provides the infrastructure for those firms that want to do things themselves.

“Our Go Beyond”

I asked Matthew about what is special about Contegix. Without hesitation, he quickly replied with “Our Go Beyond” philosophy. In short, they compete on quality of service. They recruit employees and train them with this in mind.

The need to support customers and the importance of Contegix service to their customers’ success is a central theme of employee orientation. It means going beyond getting good customer satisfaction metrics to handling each situation with the utmost care and concern. It means acknowledging not just the technical aspects of a customer question, but the emotional component as well.

Empathy is a key trait and central part of the Contegix culture.

Contegix works with AppFusions to provide customization services for their customers’ apps, such as Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, or the rest of their development applications where custom application development, extensions, or connectors are required. This skill is not part of Contegix’s core service and they feel that AppFusions has the same customer empathy model so the two firms complement each other.

Importance of Data Security

Data security is always a central concern when operating in the cloud and Contegix takes a multi-level approach.

  • They have internal processes in place and make sure all employees are completely vetted with background checks.
  • They work with clients to educate them on security issues.

As Matthew said, you can have the greatest security system in the world in place, but if someone leaves the door open, leaks will occur. So they orient their clients to the risks and responsibilities on their end.

One reason that clients choose Contegix is because they can reduce costs. There has been much documentation about the lower operating costs in the cloud.

Lifting the Technology Burden

A second, and perhaps even more important reason, is that Contegix lifts the technology burden off of the customer so they can focus on what they do well, as I mentioned earlier.  Internal IT can then focus on supporting internal projects/products specific to their own business – not their underlying infrastructure required to support those internal projects.

I asked Matthew about the obstacles to “moving to the cloud” when there are so many obvious proven benefits. He said it is often organizationally political, as some people are set in their past, traditional ways and have a false sense of security by being able to touch the infrastructure. In addition, some IT departments are so overwhelmed with new responsibilities, like BYOD, that they do not have time to really investigate the options with the cloud.

In Sum

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the cloud that can get in the way unless you take the time to learn the reality.

I really like the Contegix approach. It is the right thing to do and also makes good business sense. In a new area where there is uncertainty and concerns, it is better to address those concerns directly and empathically, creating a sense of trust and comfort with customers.

To learn more about Contegix services or direct managed hosting for your applications (24×7 monitored, no headaches, technically skilled hosting), email us at We can sort through the myriad of good options with you!

Interview by Bill Ives of the Merced Group, and who also blogs at Portals and KM.

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