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Update – Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Atlassian Confluence has been charged up

Today we released version 2.6.0 of Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Atlassian Confluence. Before I describe the update, let’s describe the add-on.

With Mixpanel Engagement Analytics installed on your Atlassian Confluence instance, you can measure all the content creation, edits, views and deletion you want – site-wide and space-wide. It’s a a real powerhouse of an analytics platform which enables you to see what was done where and by whom.

Here’s a quick video demo from a while back:

What’s in the new release?

With newer versions of Confluence, some customers were reporting a performance issue with the way this add-on sent events to Mixpanel. We have markedly improved performance of the analytics with an architectural re-design of the data collection event queue.

Whenever an event we wish to track is triggered, the event is added into an queue to be sent to Mixpanel. A Confluence Job then sends the events over to Mixpanel in batches of 50 (the maximum number which they allow in their API) which so far has met our customers needs.


If you’re using this add-on, please upgrade to the latest version:

Download Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Atlassian Confluence

New release of Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence kills off bots and spiders

Yesterday we released version 3.4 of the popular Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence add-on. While this is the first release to actively support Confluence 5.7, there are some other features I’d like to share.

Automatic filtering of bots and spiders

If you’ve got an externally accessible Confluence instance, then this new feature is for you.

Bots and spiders are essentially automated programs that hit or crawl your site looking for new content, or worse trying to fill your comments up with spam. The most basic bots won’t be able to execute JavaScript on your site, so happily they won’t pollute your Google Analytics reports. Unfortunately more advanced bots and spiders can crawl your site executing the JavaScript on each page, potentially making a mess of your analytics reports and really skewing the results.

These bots massively increase your reported sessions, bounce rates, users and % new sessions, but at the same time driving down the average session times. It’s basically a corruption of your reporting with false data.

This update corrects all the reports by excluding bot traffic. It’s possible to exclude bot traffic on Google Analytics by flipping a switch, but that doesn’t affect historical data. This feature allows you to see historical data without the bot traffic.

The screenshot below shows a before and after screen. On the left you see reporting with the bot traffic present. On the right, you see the same data, but this time filtered to remove the bots.


“Who viewed this?” restricted to space admins

We introduced on page user tracking reports in version 3.1. While you can add Google Analytics reports on any page without restriction, on page reporting of actual users should be restricted to more powerful users.

Here’s an example report:


“Google Analytics” menu item in “Space Tools” menu

We’ve also made it easier to see space level Google Analytics reports by adding a menu item in the Space Tools menu.


Try it out…

Download Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence today.